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The journey is only starting

November 2, 2017

The vision lives on

Amazu started with a simple vision of digging into a spectrum of the interactive entertainment industry in which Igor Noronha, the founder, felt was barely explored. "Disposable" and escapist experiences have always been around and they're indeed satisfying, however with the tools and platforms we have today, why not tell bigger stories, influence more lives, spread more positivity, and build communities with kindness in their root.

Today, Amazu is proud to announce that this vision lives on. With every challenge, we have learned to grow stronger, and we stand here and now with the battle scars and a half smile, whispering, "we are ready".

Come work with us! Contact us on social media, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

The different color schemes that the new logo can be used, depending on the situation

Igor Noronha

Comic book artist and game designer, creator of Light Apprentice and founder of Amazu Media, headstrong-and-never-give-up kind of person