You can call me iggynore

Igor Noronha is the name, but few people can pronounce it correctly, so you can call me by my handle. You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

1/ What did you do before founding Amazu?

I worked at Image Comics as a colorist and for DC Comics as a creator while still in college. I co-created the student magazine Blazing Squids for The Animation Workshop and edited it until issue 18, and did several projects that range from webcomics, animated shorts to indie games.

2/ When was Amazu founded and why?

In 2012, I felt it was time to take my ambitions seriously, so I decided to found a company to be able to start hiring people, handling taxes etc. That was about the time I started fundraising for Light Apprentice, which happened in 2013.

Amazu really came from my passion to tell stories and touch hearts. Without my ambition to instil positivity into every human being on Earth, Amazu wouldn't exist.

3/ What does the future hold for Amazu Media?

We're starting a new phase a lot of interesting things are bound to happen. Tag along for the journey, follow Amazu on your favorite social media!