Light Apprentice

Comic book and game turn into one!
Available now on iOS, Android and Steam

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Through engaging, meaningful and innovative experiences, Amazu Media strives to tell stories with positive and hopeful messages, connecting on a deeper level with the audience. We work on our own projects and client work as well.

We're the doers. We're visual artists, programmers, marketers, business developers, and we live in a DIY world - we like to get our hands dirty and collect the results. We're a dedicated team, and we produce content that carries positivity and perseverance in a constant search for innovation and quality.

Amazu's founder, Igor Noronha (iggynore), is a veteran comic book artist, with an entrepreneurial spirit that dates back to a pre-iPhone era, when he won first place in a DC Comics contest at 22 years old and started working for the publisher as an all-around artist and creator.

Since then, he's established Amazu to build his own projects and brands. Light Apprentice, the innovative comic book RPG, nomitated to Best Indie Game by Famitsu in the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, is in the making since 2013, and is finally out on iOS, Android and Steam.


Light Apprentice launches on Steam on November 10th

November 2, 2017

The game leaves Early Access on Steam for PC and Mac

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Light Apprentice updates on iOS and Android

November 2, 2017

The app is now free, with an exclusive HD version for iPad Pro

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Amazu's new website is online

November 2, 2017

The journey is only starting

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